Skylar Grey – C’Mon Let Me Ride ft. Eminem

skylar grey

Skylar Grey will release  the lead single from her debut album Dont Look Down on December 11th.  “C’Mon Let Me Ride,” is described by Skylar as “an X-rated kids’ song,” where Eminem sings the famous hook from Queen’s “Bicycle.”

Grey tells Rolling Stone that the sampling idea came from  executive-producer, Eminem. “That was an Eminem move. The first time I heard his verse, he had added that part in as well and it made me laugh, so we kept it,” she says. Skylar also chose to use his vocals instead of Mercury’s originals, saying “I love hearing Marshall change his voice like that and just, like, be a character, play a character, so I thought that was funnier, personally.”

Grey goes on to add, “I’ve learned from Em I can have more fun.  He’s very sarcastic and makes me laugh all the time and there are parts of my attitude I have in person but I’ve never shown in a song. I feel like he showed me I don’t have to be afraid to show that side.  I’m grateful and blessed to have [Eminem] on my side because not only is he one of the biggest artists in the world, but I also really trust his ears and sensibilities, which is a hard thing to find,” she explains. “Marshall can hear gold through the shittiest-sounding recordings.”

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