Music Review by Kristin Ceffeli

Artist Name:Jessica Johnson

Album Name:A League of My Own



1. Is my music commercially viable?

Yes! Your music sounds very commercially viable to my ears! Listening to “Behind the Wheel” and am loving it! What makes it commercial to me is the catchy chorus, which begins with the words, “Hurry up…..”, and the placement of the title is creative and well rhymed. The production is very radio friendly with retro, yet modern keyboard sounds.

Moving on to “Break Out”, and, again, the title is placed in a very catchy spot, which is commercial, memorable and recognizable. Lyrics are commercial in that they are simple, yet catchy and fun! In general, since there are a lot of different (and wonderful) sounds going on, I wanted to hear the lead vocal a bit louder, but that could be coming from my acoustic singer/songwriter background. I’m used to the lead vocal being very upfront and in your face. On “Hazy”, the vocal is more upfront, and I could hear and understand the words a bit clearer than the others. Of course, not all music is lyrically driven, but most people are drawn to the vocals, and you don’t want the listener to have to strain to hear the lead vocal too much.

Overall, yes, yes, yes, your music sounds commercially viable, radio friendly, and definitely dance-friendly. 🙂 Great job!

2. Which of the songs you listened to did you like the most? Why?

I really liked all of the songs I listened to. Currently, “Mess of Love” is playing, and I’m such a sucker for a ballad, especially when it’s just you and piano. Your vocals are so wonderfully powerful and just carry the song. The chord progression to this song is simple, and i absolutely LOVE the harmonic line cliche in the bridge. (Cliche in that respect is NOT a bad thing!) I also loved this song because it shows that your voice and your songs can stand alone, totally naked, and hold up strongly.

I’m also going to choose, “Behind the Wheel” as my other favorite. I love the shuffle feel to it, and the verses are dark with a fabulous melody line, filled with words. Then, the chorus provides great contrast in that there are less words and notes, and the melody line does something very different than the verses. Often times, it’s this kind of contrast that makes the song really memorable. I’m also loving the chorus being sung in octaves. 🙂 Again, I would’ve liked to hear the lead vocal a bit more upfront in the mix, but overall, a really strong song!

3. Is my sound original? Do I stand out?

You absolutely stand out and sound original! I’m sure you’ve gotten lots of comparisons in your experience, but I think you are a perfect marriage of Lady GaGa, Christina Aguilera, and Black-Eyed Peas. You have the artistry that Christina Aguilera lacks, and the musicianship that Fergie lacks. You have a great sense of melody and song structure that just happen to be really catchy. (I’m currently head-bopping to “Hazy”. Great song! ) 🙂

I think that, thanks to Lady GaGa’s popularity right now, (I think she is really good) you have the perfect timing to get yourself out there and be heard and appreciated by lots of people. Keep getting yourself out there, keep writing and producing, singing, and recording songs. You’re the real deal, Jessica!


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